Traveling to Punta Cana

Traveling to Punta Cana
Traveling to Punta Cana

When Traveling to Punta Cana Most People Book their Activities in Advanced

Punta Cana during the last 10 years is the #1 tourist destination in the Caribbean. Because of it breathtaking beaches and amazing resorts it has caught the eye of all travelers from around the world. Most people when traveling to Punta Cana book their vacations with Tour Operators and plan everything from beginning to end. From where they are staying to what activities to do and where to go to have fun at night.

Since we are in a world where the internet is king now you can get the best deals through the web. Almost all activities you are interested in doing here you can get discount by just booking online. This is why the best idea is to find what activities you are most interested in doing when you are down in Punta Cana and then research it online. We can assure you better deals will appear online.

The Excursion That People Lean Toward to in Punta Cana are Water Activities, Especially Catamaran Rides

All tourists that arrive in Punta Cana are amazed of the beauty of its beaches. This is why a catamaran excursion is the one most people book. What better way to pass your time than on a boat having fun, drinking, eating and enjoying some music while cruising along the coast.

The Starfish Catamaran by Squalo Tours is one of the most popular one in Punta Cana. It provides fantastic snorkeling area, premium open bar, natural pool and delicious lobster. It all start by picking your group up at your hotel in a super comfortable A/C Bus. The bus will take you to a small fishing village where you will board the catamaran. A professional crew wiil be waiting for you to provide you with excellent service while you enjoy the excursion.

The first activity is an incredible 45 minute stop at the snorkeling area. Here you will dive into the sea and swim with all sorts of beautiful and colorful fishes. The crew will throw in the water some bread crumbs which will make the fishes surround you and some even bumping into you. This will make your traveling to Punta Cana an experience to remember.

Snorkeling in Punta Cana is the Best in the Island

When the snorkeling is done you will board the catamaran and you will sail toward the natural pool. During your cruising along the coast a premium open bar begins where you can have whisky, vodka, rum, beer, sodas or water. While music plays and you enjoy your time feeling the warm breeze of Punta Cana caress your hair. Here at the natural pool which is a sand bank in the middle of the ocean where the water is up to your chest you will pass the time listening to music and enjoying some time in the sun.

While you are bathing in the natural pool the crew members are getting ready to serve you one of the best lunches you will have in Punta Cana. Once aboard on the boat to head back to the small fishing village you will be served an incredible lunch. The lunch includes lobster vinaigrette, Peruvian Fish Ceviche, Pasta Salad with Chicken and Peppers and a Tropical Fruit Salad. A perfect way to finish this amazing excursion which will be fantastic from beginning to end.