Punta Cana Snorkeling

Punt Cana Snorkeling
Punt Cana Snorkeling

Almost all Tourist that Visit this Amazing Island want to Experience the Punta Cana Snorkeling

During the years Punta Cana has welcomed millions of tourist with open arms. Most come for its beaches and some for their incredible resorts. But a big part of them come for the Punta Cana snorkeling. Not only you get the best snorkeling in all the Caribbean you get to go on the best catamaran tour in town.

There are many activities you can do in Punta Cana but most come to snorkel in this amazing warm waters. There are several ways to go snorkeling but without a doubt the best is by going on a catamaran tour. These catamaran tours offer so much for your money. Once they pick you up at your hotel you get to snorkel, premium open bar, natural pool and a delicious lunch.

Booking with Squalo Tour to go Snorkeling is the Best Option for your Group

Once you get to your destination here in Punta Cana your first order of business will be what activities to do. There are option for everybody but one of the best option is the Starfish Catamaran by Squalo Tours. They provide the best 3 ½ catamaran tour in town. The professional staff will pick you up at your hotel in a comfortable A/C Bus. You will head to the beach area where the catamaran will be waiting for you or your group. Once aboard their 40ft catamaran it’s off to your adventure. You will sail toward the snorkeling spot where you will dive in warm waters and swim with fishes of all kinds. One of the staff will dive with you holding some bread in their hands making the fishes swim all around you and extremely close. You will snorkel in this beautiful ocean for about 45 minutes admiring all its beauty and colors.

Afterward you board once again the catamaran and you are off to the natural pool. On your way there the staff will start with a premium open bar they offer on board. Music will play and the breeze will make you forget your troubles. Without a doubt you will feel as if you never want to leave Punta Cana.

At the natural pool you will bathe in their shallow waters while you still keep enjoying the premium open bar. Music and fun will make your time in the natural pool one to remember.

Starfish Catamaran offers the Best Lunch Onboard their Catamaran

When you have experienced all the activities the Starfish Catamaran has to offer they are saving the best for last. Once onboard the catamaran and on your way back lunch will be serve. Get ready for a delicious lunch made with fresh local products. The menu includes an amazing lobster vinaigrette, a fresh Peruvian Fish Ceviche, and Pasta Salad with Chicken and Peppers. After you eat all this incredible food for dessert you will indulge in a Seasonal Tropical Fruit Salad.

In the end of the excursion on your way back to the hotel you will absolutely know that you made the best decision by booking this Punta Cana snorkeling adventure with Squalo Tours.